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5 keys to choose the best leash for your dog

It all depends on who’s singing the song. There’s some who never put a leash on their pets, even if its a pitbull, a rottweiler or a dogo and they’re in a same space with kids, old people or other dogs. They defend animals freedom and compare a leash with a gallow. Others are just the oposite, they do not need enough to even tie their dogs up in the house. We are talking about those poor dogs that always go for a walk with a leash and who’s owners years ago would tell you that they’d tie them up so that they could learn to walk by their side, but now, fifteen years later, these dogs are still rebels and they only know going for a walk by yanks.

Rotweiller with no leash

In HANNIKO we really think that these previous actitudes come from a very serious problem: dogs owners. In a human ambience, dogs, dog haters and where we can find all kind of danger for our hairy friends, the common sense has to overcome everything else so that everything works out well. That’s why when in HANNIKO we thought of handcrafting the best dog leash ever, we finally ended up creating two. We’ll introduce them to you later on. Now we’re giving you five tips to choose a leash for your dog.

1. Comfort

Comfort is a key factor to choose the best leash for pets. It’s not only about your dogs comfort but also about your comfort. The best choice, as experts say, are the fixed leashes. These kind of leashes can be used for big dogs as it can be used for the little ones. There’s an easy explanation to it: The famouse extendable leashes, that at first sight seems that they provide a bigger freedom to dogs, seem to be very tight and it unconsciously forces the dog to walk giving jerks.

HANNIKO Loki brown leather leash for dogs

Loki brown leather leash

2. Education

The best leashes for puppies are also the fixed ones. That’s how they get used to walk by our side from the beginning, and they won’t feel gripped for the constant pressure of the long dog leashes, that is to say, the extendable leashes mentioned before.

Teaching a dog how to walk by your side by using a leash

3. Security

There are many situations where using a dog leash is necessary. The main reason is our dogs security. A leash can for examble avoid a sentimental run out of the dog, motivated by zeal, that makes the dogs risk their lives by running between cars. It can also help us to keep our dog under control in certain places where we could be suspicious of the existance of dog poison in the area or that there’s simply tatty food. Besides, it protects our dog and others of violent enconters. At last, tying our dog with a leash is a good action for who’s afraid of animals or for who fears that our dog could harm their children.

The danger about the dogs with no leash

4. Esthetics

Design is a universal language that englobes many phases: comfort, resistance, ergonomics… and, of course, esthetic. Why not choosing a leash with wich you’re satisfaced, it is nice to see it and toch, and even with posibilities of combining it with your outfit? There are, believe us, there are.

Dogs with HANNIKO Loki and Valeska leashes

Loki leather leash and Valeska leather and rope leash

5. Complement your leash with a great dog collar

A good leash is not worth it if we don’t have a good collar. Try to create a great promenade team inquiring about how to complement in perfect armony both products for dogs. In HANNIKO, for example, we have had into account all kind of details so that the promenade experience turns to be magnifique for you and your dog.

Loki dog leash and Lauge collar in red

Red leather Loki leash combines with Lauge red leather collar

Leather leashes for HANNIKO dogs: customize your comfort

The two models of HANNIKO dog leashes meet all of the previous requirements. With the handmade leather leashes Loki and Valeska, your dog and you will enjoy of a comfortable and secure walk. For example, with what regards to our four-legged colleagues, the 100% natural leather of the HANNIKO leashes causes less friction in the animals neck, wich avoids sores in short haired dogs.

Loki and Valeska leashes

Valeska brown leash and Loki natural colored leash

At the same time, the lightness and elasticity of this material turns it into flexible at the same time as its solid… And about the aesthetic values of leather, what do you want us to say about it? Assured elegance.

Definitely, any of the HANNIKO models is a leather leash for dogs worthy to be awarded with five stars in comfort and, of course, style. Style, that you can turn in unique. Loki and Valeska are leashes that you can customize whenever you want. What’s your best friends name? If you want to give him comfort and personality, get your own customized leash in HANNIKO.

If you don’t know it yet, come by the HANNIKO website, take a look at our products for dogs and suscribe to our newsletter to receive offers and promotions with whom you’ll be able to live an authentic dog life with your pet.

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