Nice things for your dog that also decorate your home

Stylish products for your dog
designed to combine with your décor

Most dogs’ articles that you find on the market are either too tacky or too expensive.

Forget about navigating through hundreds of products and seeing that none of you like or discovering that the one you like is beyond your reach!

With HANNIKO your experience is going to be very different. Be amazed with our beds for dogs, food bowls, collars, leashes, and many beautiful things that we have created thinking of you, who loves decorating and adores your dog.

Comfort, health, and cleanliness

HANNIKO big food bowls are designed to provide a better digestion and relieve muscular pains which are a characteristic of large dogs. Its elevation allows you to keep your dog’s feeding area much cleaner. A decorative advantage and healthy at the same time, because a better hygiene minimizes the risk of bacteria and fungi.

A big rest for them and a designed furniture for your home

HANNIKO big dog beds are elegant stylish design, truly quality furniture that can be integrated in your home decoration. At the same time, its manufacture has been carefully taken to provide large dogs with the greatest comfort possible.

And also...

How to integrate in your decoration
the space that your dog needs

Integration is the key. It is the starting point in which we conceived our designs. We know that your decoration and the love that you show towards your dog say a lot about you. 

In just 3 steps we help you create a suitable space for your dog without making concessions to discomfort or bad taste. Let’s go!

1. Imagine the decoration you will like for you home. 

2.Choose the space that your dog will like. Thanks to HANNIKO products, you will no longer have to hide that corner.  

3. 3. Have a look to HANNIKO dogs’ products catalogue and choose the one that you think will best fit in that space, and the one that will your dog like most. We are sure that you will find the perfect combination of functionality, good taste, and best price. 

DONE!  You can now enjoy and boast of that corner like any other of your home. With HANNIKO it is even possible to improve your decoration with a very special touch.  

HANNIKO, the only Spanish dog brand which has an EPDA design award

Gracias a nuestro amor por los perros y por el diseño somos la única marca española de artículos para mascotas que ha ganado un premio EPDA (cama para perros Odin). Estos galardones, unos de los más prestigiosos en el mundo del diseño, reconocen a nivel internacional el esfuerzo de aquellos diseñadores cuyas creaciones mejoran la vida diaria de las personas.

A big dog and design family

HANNIKO emerged naturally: we are designers who love dogs. We live with three, in fact. Sharing life with them has taught us to know them, to know how they feel, what they want or need. Living with dogs make us to be happier. Follow us on social networks and know our day-to-day!


There is an authentic pack of dogs enjoying our products. Do you want to meet them? Have a look to the profiles of this gallery and you will see how well it fits HANNIKO in different dogs, decorations, and lifestyles. 

Hanniko Embajadores

What they say about HANNIKO

Miss Bimba

For Bimba there is nothing better than being covered in HANNIKO’s Blue Kare blanket. It is so smooth that she falls asleep instantly. Sweet dreams Bimba!

Denver (Rudy Fernandez)

Denver is a big dog who loves to stretch his four legs. We knew that giving him HANNIKO’s Norell bed (size XL) would love it, because he has all the space he needs and more. 


There are two things that our big Doff loves: sleep and eat. He sleeps anywhere, but if he wants to eat, he only does it in HANNIKO’s food bowls. Being able to comfortably reach to the feed gives him security. 

Enjoy in our blog an authentic dog's life!

New web, new products, new prices!

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