Dog toys

Dogs love to play because it’s exciting and keeps them in shape. But above all, it’s lots of fun. With the new line of HANNIKO dog toys they are sure to have a blast!

We have sought out the most perfect shape and forms so they will never get bored, and we have manufactured them from 100% natural materials so they can safely play. Made of 100% natural cow hide, padded with esparto, not a trace of any synthetic materials.

Throwing rope toy made of natural materials. Throw it far away and get it back to you intact.

Spille is the most relaxing and comforting toy, especially designed for dogs who have a more laid back, sedentary personality.

Kanin is the perfect HANNIKO toy for the most impulsive dogs. Both stimulating and at the same time relaxing.

Designed to fly the longest possible distances, Mors is the ideal HANNIKO toy for the most dynamic dogs.

All our toys are made with organic and natural materials.