High dog feeder

It is easy to find a feeder for standard dogs. However, many people look for a high dog feeder and cannot find any of it. At HANNIKO, we know that a high dog feeder is an indispensable element to care for the health and feeding of medium and big dogs. That is why we designed DYRE, a high feeder that reduces stress at the time that your dog is eating. The veterinarians advise to big dogs’ breeds, especially to the most anxious ones, to take the food at a certain height to favour digestion. Like that, they do not have to approach the snout to the ground, and they will avoid column problems

What we want with DYRE, HANNIKO's big dog feeder, in addition to protecting your dog's health, is to help you preserve the style of your décor. DYRE is a tall, functional and at the same time very elegant dog feeder that integrates with distinction in any environment.

An elegant functional, ergonomic and decorative feeder. In the high feeder DYRE the two bowls are grouped in order and harmony: one for eating and the other one for drinking. An essential feeder for the comfort and health of big dogs. 

The best feeder for your dogs that you will fall madly in love with. A great choice for daily use and reduces stress for your dogs while they eat.