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Designed in combination with the EGIL doggy collar. Includes leather, cord and aluminium. We have exerted special energy into combining both strength and fashion and we are truly satisfied. Just like our dog collars, you can choose the most discreet finish or decide on something more daring. One piece of advice: think about what your dog would like best!


Valeska leash

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Leash designed with sturdy black leather rope. The leather is made of 100% natural cow hide with coloured edges and hand-stitched with homemade needlework and available in one unique size and four different colours (nude, yellow, brown and black). You can personalize it by engraving the name of your dearest pet dog on the black cylinder-shaped tube made of anodised steel that comes with the leash.

Si quieres personalizarlo, escribe el nombre de tu perro aquí. Saber más

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100% natural.


Injected with shiny chrome finish.


High strength. Black colour.



The leather of your dog’s collar only requires a weekly dusting with a clean, dry pad. If the leather is stained, you can wash it using a light soap and water.
Do not clean using abrasive cleaning products.

SIZES (mm)

  • ONE SIZE 1200 x 20