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HANNIKO collars for dogs: elegance and comfort created by handcrafted and premium materials

It’s a typical discussion between dog lovers. To use a leash, not to use it. Use a collar, not… Probably most of us would like our dog to be completely naked and free in life, but leashes and collars are necessary for many reasons like respect for the others, the current laws and specially for our pets security. So now that wearing a collar is necessary, better of if we add some style and confort on our dog. Don’t you think? Don’t worry, HANNIKO is here to help you out.

HANNIKO collars for dogs

When it comes to choose a collar for your dog we advise you to trust in the design of those who know about dogs, in those who care about the best handmade materials. This is an effective formula that HANNIKO follows step by step.

How to choose a collar for my dog

If you take a look at the dog collar market there’s many different options: collars for big dogs, collars for small dogs, collars for puppies, collars for cute dogs, collars for original dogs… Where should we focus?

If you know HANNIKO, by now you should know that the most important thing in life is the well-being of our pet. Living with Ani, Otto and Kira we’ve observed and interlanized their behaviours, their reactions to a new design or a new material, and finally we’ve proved that as designers that we are, we’ve always had an intuition on this: dogs also love things well done.

Otto, Ani and Kira. HANNIKO collars for dogs

Handcrafted collars for dogs

HANNIKO collars for pets are design collars for inspired dogs. You know that above everything else we care about the quality of life of our best friends. That’s why we trust in handcrafting and all that it takes to achieve a high quality collar: care, resistance, comfort and customization.

Before anything else, we go through a fussy material selection process. We try to choose the best cowhide and then apply it in the right thickness. The rest is just love. Each of the HANNIKO leather collars for dogs are 100% handmade, crafted by experienced and dog lover hands.

HANNIKO Egil and Lauge collars

HANNIKO Egil collar and HANNIKO Lauge collar

This brings wellness and customization for your dog. And also elegance and confort to enjoy life in company, as like everyone in this world that knows you, know that you and your dog are a team.

HANNIKO Lauge collar: renovating history

The HANNIKO version of the traditional collar for dogs. With a unique designed buckle, first quality leathers and all sort of details that enhance the simple design. Painted corners, perfect seams, color pallet…

HANNIKO Lauge collar for dogs

HANNIKO natural Egil collar

Lauge is a HANNIKO 100% natural bovine leather collar and it’s corners are painted and hand sewn. There’s three available sizes (XS, M and XL) and you have it in four colors (yellow, red, brown and black). Get it for only 79€ and enhance the style of your dog without worrying about its maintenance. It’s difficult to resist at this wonderful combination of beauty and distinction, isn’t it?

HANNIKO Egil collar: sophistication combined with a sporty style

Egil is the collar for HANNIKO dogs with a casual style. The combination of its materials achieve an exquisite mix between whats elegant and whats sporty.

Egil is a different collar, carefree but at the same time sophisticated. We’ve tried to combine materials and disparate colors with very harmonious results. This way you can choose between making the collar to be a purely fonctional element for your dog and slip past or to making your dog shine with it.

Designed with leather and high resistance black rope, the leather is 100% natural bovine and it’s corners are painted and hand sewn. Handcrafted even in the smallest details. That’s the way we do it in HANNIKO.

It’s available in three sizes (XS, M and XL) and four colors (natural, yellow, brown and black). Get it for only 84€.

There’s no doubt about it, HANNIKO Lauge and Egil collars are resistant for dogs that have an active and interesting life.

Collars for customized dogs

Of course, the Lauge and Egil HANNIKO collars are collars for customized dogs. You can customize Lauge by engraving the name of your dog on its anodized metal sheet that’s incorporated in the collar and the same in Egil, engraving it in it’s cylindrical tube in black anodized steel.

HANNIKO collars for dogs customized

The collars for dogs with proper names have that special thing of what’s exclusively made for your dog and for nobody else. If you want to go for customized collars for pets, HANNIKO is your place.

The maintenance in leather collars for dogs is very simple

Lauge and Egil are leather dog collars. That means it’s maintenance is very simple. To clean the leather you only need to get rid of the dust on it once a week with a clean and dry cloth. You see how easy and comfortable? This is a result for using high quality materials. If for instance the leather gets dirty, you can clean it with a mild soak and water. Try not to use agressive products.

Definitely, with all that’s been said, it’s clear that Lauge and Egil are authentic luxury collars for dogs like yours, that important being in your life with whom you form a magnificent duo. Now that we’re talking about sets and complements, the HANNIKO collars have their own ideal travel partners, these are the HANNIKO dog leashes, resistant, elegant and of course 100% handcrafted, specially designed so that you and your dogs outfit turn to be irresistible.

HANNIKO Loki and Valeska leashes for dogs

HANNIKO Loki and Valeska leashes

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