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We’re living a dog life… and we love it!

We created HANNIKO by pure logic. We live with three dogs and as our house is practically in the middle of nature, we receive many other dogs visit. As you can imagine we love our dogs to unsuspected limits, and we want the best for them.

otto, ani y kira son los embajadores de la marca de productos para perros HANNIKO

It turns out that we are designers by profession, so one day we came up with an idea. We decided to design and manufacture a fantastic, special and high quality bed for dogs. We’ve always been quite suprised in the little care we’ve perceived in the design and beauty of dog products. Most of the articles in the market generally look prety alike.

We have always been surprised at how little care has been taken in the design and beauty of dog products, which are generally too similar in their proposals. As we really felt in love with our own designed bed, we encouraged our selves to crate HANNIKO and manufacture more items (leashes, bowls, collars, blankets, travel blankets or toys). Our goals are: achieving quality, confort, resistance and beauty in our dog products.

gama de productos para perros personalizados HANNIKO


Meet the HANNIKO house members

Best part of this is that living with three completely different breed of dogs, helps us to try the dog articles that we design and manufacture, testing every day their quality and resistance, seeing how beauty they turn out to be when our dogs wear them and also having a chance to see how they integrate with our home decoration.

By the way, the dogs that live in the Hanniko house are called Ani, Kira and Otto. Today we’d like you to meet them, as from now on you will be able to enjoy their adventures in Instagram and Facebook.

Ani (The Oldie)

This buzzard has the whooping age of 18 years old. She’s very independent. Ani goes her own way, doesn’t really care about the rest except of Lidia (one of HANNIKO’s creators). Since we went to pick her up from the dog pound in 2005 she became to be Lidias shadow. Today, almost blind and deff, Ani connects with the world through her nose, crashing her snout with people she feels nearby. Our legs have become a world of sensations for Ani.

Ani is a bit of a punk, she spends all day sleeping, eating and following Lidia all over the house. Due to her small size and that she barely sees, she sometimes gets stomped, but she’ll never dramatize. In fact, she’s not spiteful: before she was brought to the dog pound, she was sprayed with gasoline and burned. Little by little she recovered, and if you see how calm she is now, you’d never thought she actually remembers those heartless people. Ani cares about the important things: eating, resting and running away from burdens… and that everyone stop asking for once about that “old lady” wart she has on her lip.

Kira (The Boss)

Kira is an 11 year old German braco. This hunting dog is very active and nervous. She is quite obsessed with food: in fact we are prety sure that if she could, she would eat all the food in the world, so we have to be allert with that matter.

Kira is the Alpha Female of the trio. She’s not very heavy-handed and she does not over exercise her power; everyone in the Hanniko house simply takes it for granted. For example if Kira rathers having a rest in Anis Norell bed, the oldie lends it to her without making a fuss.

Kira tumbada en la cama textil Bjorn de HANNIKO

Kira lying on the HANNIKO Bjorn bed.

Kira was taken away from the dog pound when she was almost newborn. The new owner, a young boy, seemed very happy. After a while, the boys mother showed up at the dog pound. She came back to give back Kira, and she explained why: as soon as his son got home with the dog, he tied Kira to a pole in the balcony. Her son did nothing but leave her in the balcony and cross her with other dog breeds to make her give bith to puppies during four years. This mother showed to be very brave and she surely saved Kira’s life, for wich we will always be grateful.

Kira is super-obedient and very faithful. If we’re on a walk on the countryside and each one of us goes by a different side, she’ll begin to moan in a tone of wonder: “But what are you guys doing? Haven’t you noticed how good it feels to be all together?” Kira is also very cosy and she wont miss a chance of getting an extra cuddle… even the ones who belong to her partners.

Otto (The big guy)

All the big in Otto is as big as good. Like the other members of the Hanniko house, Otto had also a difficult beginning of life, but the important thing is that one day, he finally came to us.

Otto is a 3 year old Great Dane. Oddly enough, at first he was small. He then started to grow and we thought “surely that’s it”. But no. He continued to grow and now he’s the largest in the yard… Still, he’s the little one to all of us.

Otto relajado y luciendo el collar Lauge de cuero en color rojo de HANNIKO

Otto wearing the HANNIKO Lauge collar in red.

Kira The Boss has a protection feeling towards him, and Otto, lets himself be loved by whom he considers his older sister. If all of a sudden Kira needs to absent for a little moment, Otto cries his eyes out. He’s a sentimental… And also a big guy, and so every time that he moans all the foundations of the house start to tremble.

Hanniko ambassadors

Ani, Kira and Otto are our Hanniko ambassadors. If you want to know them better, they’ll be waiting for you in our networks. See you there!

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