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These dogs have no idea of what they’re missing

The human being has been exercising his power over animals since the beginning of time. Can you imagine the courage and intelligence shown by those troglodytes, the first men in the caves, the day that one of them said: “Come on, guys, lets go and hunt some bison with these sticks! We have to eat and make some coats for the winter”?

And then it was the farming, and afterwards the cattle raising, and transport, and building, and a lot more where animals became a key in the success of human evolution.

Of course, always in the background. As the human being is the superior being. The king of the world. A privileged brain that keeps growing and developing, and that has encouraged us to invent work, war, reality shows, beer without alcohol or even jogging.

Otto, Hanniko House ambassador, having a rest in the Hanniko Bjorn bed.

Mean while, the poor inferior animals, for example the dogs, have devoted themselves to suffer a busy life just by instinct. Eat, play, love …





Do the split.


Poor inferior beings. If they were aware of how enriching it is waking up at 6am to clock in at work, they’d realize about the miserable life they lead.

Erm. What ever.

Otto, Hanniko House, sunbathing in a double bed.

There’s beds for big dogs… and big dogs for small beds

The other day we had a great plan in our minds. To do a few kilometers, enjoying nature and this cold but restorative winter environment. We took a look at the thermometer and we thought that those 1,5º were a perfect number for taking a walk with our three Hanniko House members.

However, the gang had other plans. Specifically, one plan: To enjoy one of the greatest pleasures of this season: feeling the cold winter sun while being under cover.

Hanniko House ambassadors, Kira Bjorn bed and Ani Norell bed

Hanniko House ambassadors sleep, Kira in Bjorn bed and Ani in Norell bed.

So the three of them, Ani, Kira and Otto, spent the whole afternoon invading our room, hanging around their HANNIKO beds. Even Otto, that, as thick as a brick, he insisted in taking over Kiras Bjorn bed. As you can see, wanting is succeeding, but at the end, the word comfort rang a bell in Otto and he conquered our bed.

Night time arrived and it was impossible to get them out of the bedroom. Not even Otto. The five of us had to finally sleep gathered together. The snoring festival was worth going down in history, but to honor the truth, we did not experience cold at all.

Otto, Hanniko House ambassador, sleep in his dreamed double bed.

We won’t let the cold stop us!

Be that as it may, we need to take advantage of our free time to go out for a walk with our pets, don’t you think? We’d like to invite you to discover your favorite outfit to go out for a promenade with your dog, despite the cold, within our HANNIKO range of products: collars, leashes and travel blankets.

And remember, there’s also other HANNIKO articles for dogs that could inspire your life with your pet: beds for dogs, bowls, blankets or toys. Have a great dog day!

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Otto, Ani and Kira HANNIKO dogs.

We’re living a dog life… and we love it!

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