7 benefits about taking the dog to the office

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A while ago it might seem crazy, like a science fiction storie, a utopia reserved for societies of the future that are more aware of the environment and our relationship with the rest of living beings in the universe. However, dog lovers are in good luck. More and more workplaces – offices, above all – welcome the visit of their workers’ dogs. Germany, for example, is a pioneer country in this initiative. In this country, according to a survey, more than half of the leaders see with good eyes that the workers take the dog to the office.

It actually does not surprise us. We know that the advantages are many more, but today at HANNIKO we tell you 7 benefits of taking your pet to your work place.

Los beneficios de llevar al perro al trabajo

Increases productivity

Let’s not fool ourselves. Germans are famous for having things clear in this work optimization thing. If the German managers are increasingly permissive with the fact of taking the dog to the work place its because they are more than convinced about the benefits that this action can lead to productivity. There are already studies that affirm that dogs at work increase the good atmosphere between companions. So it’s nice to work … and produce. And hey! in these studies its also been proved that the disposition of the heads to let us take the dog to the office makes them more attractive in the eyes of the workers. Something that is very good for the ego and to negotiate the work calendar, for example.

Mr Elmo en las oficinas de Lombok
Mr Elmo in the entrepreneur communication agency: Lombok

Stimulates creativity

Having a dog puts you in physical and mental form. Those of us who have dogs talk to them, play with them, claim and attend to their attention, etc. Dedicating part of your brain to communicate with your dog at work takes you out of the routine, makes the path less trite and serves as an inspiration to focus work problems from another perspective.

Los perros incitan a la creatividad en el lugar del trabajo

Reduces stress

Interacting with a dog generates oxytocin, the famous hormone of happiness. You already know what happens to you … but it also happens to your co-workers! Happiness spreads through the office, going to work becomes something more pleasant and, as we say, the bosses toast for the obtained good results thanks to this great mood climate. Sláinte!

Los perros aportan felicidad en el lugar del trabajo

You stretch your legs

How many times are you engaged in a task at the computer and you say: “I finish this and I get up to stretch my legs, it’s about time”? Unfortunately, one important task is followed by another, and so at the end of the day you have not got up enough times from your chair for the good condition of your circulation, your legs and your back. With your dog in the office you will have to get up from time to time, at least to put water and food and to get him out for a pee. So your physical condition will also be in luck.

Los perros te obligan a estirar las piernas en el trabajo

It gives you peace of mind

In this case, we talk about the peace of mind of not feeling guilty for being responsible for your dog spending many hours alone. If you also foresee that it will be a long day because you are going to put hours and your dog is going to see his evening walk postponed, being close to him will make you spend that extra work time relaxed.

La Pantxa de Lombok Design
Lombok dog: La Pantxa

You save

If you have asked your bosses for permission to take your dog to work, it is probably because you’ve no one to leave your dog with. That means that, if they say no to you, you’ll have to hire the services of a doggie daycare or a dog caretaker. So, as they said yes, you’ll be saving money.

Your dog will be happier

The benefits of taking the dog to work are also for him. With you near, your dog is much happier. If you also receive the affection of the rest of your companions, you will also generate your own wellness hormones, at the same time that you will become a more sociable animal and will get used to different types of human beings.

La tranquilidad de los dueños con el perro en la oficina

Are you convinced now? If you thought about the idea and did not dare to suggest it to your bosses, now you are loaded with arguments. Invite them to read this article by HANNIKO, which is easier than you think. For the moment, remember that for a good dog / work coexistence, your pet has to be well cleaned and dewormed and so on. Come on, it’s just about common sense and that’s it.

You know, if you want to live a great dog life, suscribe to HANNIKO, the website for inspired dogs and for people like you.


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