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The Hanniko Philosophy

We love and live for dogs and we make our products with our pet dogs in mind. Managing the manufacture of our products from initial concept concept until the moment they are delivered allows us to assign our products their own particular identity.

At HANNIKO we strive to obtain luxury products of the highest quality and premium comfort. Our main tool is our design and our principal asset is our local craftsmen.  They are the cornerstones upon which we built HANNIKO.



We bring design and passion together.  Passion for our dogs, passion for our products with the personality and passion to do things right.  For us, design is indispensable because we firmly believe in it to satisfy the needs of our canine friends.

Ergonomics, comfort, high quality and naturally appealing finishes. These are the  ingredients to our success and the basis for our work.


The quality of the materials, their softness, are characteristics our craftsmen instil into their products. This artistic touch seduces us and turns into the focal point to make our designs reality – a production model that perfectly identifies with our environmental awareness.


At HANNIKO, we analyse the behaviour and preferences of our dogs. Just like us, they require high quality products and ergonomics, that take into account their autonomy and provide them with the well-being and comfort they need.

Our luxury products are manufactured with the finest materials. Stainless steel, 100% natural cow hide, wood, prime quality linen and fabric. Combining these in the most optimal way possible through design, we achieve the comfort and well-being they deserve.