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Nerta has been designed to make your dog feel right at home anywhere you go. We even gave it a totally watertight exterior lining to resist the elements outdoors with a squishy, warm and extremely comfortable inner lining. You can also roll it up and take it with you anywhere.

Nerta dog travel blanket


Blanket made with two different linings- an outer lining made of smooth brown water resistant textile and an in inner lining made of our highest quality fabric in mottled grey. It also has a handle for easy transport, as well as a button clasp to safely secure and store away your doggy’s blanket – both made of 100% brown cow hide.

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Composition: 100% Polyolefin. Resistant to UV rays. Antibacterial. Non-toxic. Breathable fabric. Easy to clean and stain resistant. Resistant to strong odours. Non-flammable. Long durability. Recyclable fabric. (More information at


Acrylic fibres of the highest quality, ideal for outdoor open-air use due to their exceptional resistance to the harshest weather conditions. Highly resistant to wear and tear, excellent robust colouring, optimal resistance and exceptional performance in the presence of harmful micro-organisms.

Water resistant, breathable, stain resistant fabric, easy to dry and antibacterial.



Able to be washed regularly without difficulty. Wash at a maximum temperature of 30ºC. Bleach may be applied in cleansing. Do not iron. Dry cleaning permissible.


Outer lining

Remove dirt and grit regularly. If necessary, clean with neutral soap and water at a maximum temperature of 30ºC. Rinse with water. Always hang up and leave out until totally dry before folding or rolling up. Do not use abrasive products.

SIZES (mm)

  • SINGLE 1000 x 720