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Do you talk to your dog like a baby? Congratulations, keep doing it that way

It’s funny to put yourself in some other’s point of view. The “other one”, in this case, is someone that has never had a dog, or even worse, someone that hates dogs. Let’s imagine for a moment an individual walking down the streets when he suddlenly finds any of us talking to our pet.

– ¿How’s my beautiful doggie? Oh oh oh, he’s so good… My baby, My cutie, who loves you?

Something like that, you know. And so the individual, with the arrogance of ignorance, says to him self:

– This guy’s stupid. Look the way he’s talking to his dog…

Hablando a perro en la calle como a un bebe

We cannot deny that the situation is quite funny. At least here in HANNIKO we had a laugh imagining the created scene. Specially because we’ve all acted like that in some moment of our life with our dog… and in some occasion we’ve even felt embarrased when some stranger has surprised us while talking to our dog. In fact, some act that way, always, talking to dogs with the same voice tone they’d be talking to a baby.

Well, if you’re one of those, don’t change. You’re doing it really good.

A good teaching tactic

There are many research that have been done, are being done and will be done about the communication between dogs and humans. One of them, recently released by the psychology department of the University of York, in the United Kingdom, it’s been proved that talking to dogs like babies makes human understanding easier for animals.

Comunicarse con los perros como si fueran bebes

Not only that, besides, the soft and relaxing way we use to communicate with them helps creating a link between humans and dogs, improving laters learning process. That’s why this method is recomended in all of the phases of the relationship with our dog, but specially when they’re puppies, that is to say, when the dog is still in that learning period.

When intuition works

It’s funny, but this is not a picturesque way of behaving, but it’s simply thet way most of dog owners talk to their pets. This natural human inclination takes place because the relationship that a person establishes with a dog has many similarities with that of a father or mother with their child.

Hablar al perro como a un bebe de forma intuitiva

So that’s why we say that intuition sometimes works. It’s good news that the human beings have not yet lost the animal instinct. Don’t you think? If you’ve found this article interesting you can suscribe and keep yourself informed about the HANNIKO universe. For inspired dogs and people like you.

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