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Take advantage of the HANNIKO fortnights. We start with a 30% in beds for dogs!

Thats it, in HANNIKO we want our dog inspired philosophy to reach the whole world. And as we know that your pet is one of the most important parts of your life, we have decided to launch the HANNIKO fortnights. The operation is very simple: periodically we will offer special discounts in our products for dogs, that way it will be much easier for you and your dog to live an authentic stylish and personalized life.

The HANNIKO fortnights, as its name suggests, last for two weeks. You need to pay attention to our networks so that you don’t miss them, or even better, suscribe to our newsletter and you will be promptly informed of all our news, promotions and discounts.

Dog resting in HANNIKO bed

Beds for HANNIKO dogs, ¡at 30% discount!

Sleeping is sacred, also for your dog. A good rest is the fact that marks the difference between a healthy, happy, fun and non stress dog and a sulking fatigued and sad dog. The truth is that, even if we’ve been to the moon, discovered cloning or even after inventing the double rol toilet paper, the human brain has not make an effort at all in achieving the comfort of the hairy ones in the house. Throughout the centuries, when it has come to deciding where our best friend sleeps, it has been a “anything goes”: a cushion, an old blanket, a mat, the simple rug …

Of course, our friends do not usually complain loudly. And it is very difficult to say with a moan, a tail movement or even a position of ears: “Today I have not slept very well, so I’m not in the mood for jokes.”

Luckily, there’s an ending to all this with HANNIKO designs. As designers and dog lovers, we have come up with a solution so that our pets get a proper premium quality rest thanks to our beds for dogs. The rest and life of your dog will be as high quality as yours are by sleeping in any of the HANNIKO dog bed range, authentic guarantee of style, comfort and resistance thanks to its handmade woodwork and superior manufacture textiles. You can now get an unbeatable bed for your dog in the first HANNIKO fortnight, nothing more and nothing less than a 30% discount! Which one do you like the most?

HANNIKO Dog rest

Odin bed for dogs. Comfortable and very practical.

HANNIKO dog beds are ideal for all types of dogs, of all breeds and all sizes (small, medium or large dogs).

Those of us who live with dogs know that they are very similar to us: they know how to value the good. Who has not experienced the joy and expectation of your pet while you eat a ham sandwich? Now seriously, the simple fact of having reflected on dog rest and having decided to carry out the manufacture of our beds with the best materials is a guarantee that our dogs will sleep wonderfully in HANNIKO dog beds. For example in our fantastic Odin bed.

Odin is the bed for HANNIKO star dogs. A design exercise that combines beauty and functionality. Besides being very comfortable, it is very practical thanks to its drawer. You can have the area of your pet perfectly ordered and your dog will have a special place to store his treasures.

HANNIKO Odin bed interior

Aaren bed for dogs. Rest for your dog, style for your home

Aaren is the most versatile HANNIKO dog bed. Its removable wooden shelf transforms its simple structure into an elegant piece of furniture.

Another of the virtues of HANNIKO dog beds is the wide range of possibilities that are open to integrate and combine these bed models with your decoration. Aaren combines wood and textile with good taste, which makes this dog bed a perfect decorative piece.

HANNIKO Aaren bed

Bjorn bed for dogs. A chameleonic refuge.

Bjorn is ideal for playful dogs who like to hide. Its design promotes intimacy and a sense of protection. With the simple gesture of undoing some buttons you will have a closed bed, semi-open or closed.

HANNIKO Bjorn bed, for playful dogs

Norell bed for dogs. Transportable rest.

Norell is just as comfortable as the other HANNIKO dog beds, but much simpler. A resistant, light, and easily transportable HANNIKO bed.

Norell bed HANNIKO, simple

HANNIKO extras

Remember that all HANNIKO dog beds are designed so that their maintenance is as simple as possible. And if you choose the Odin or Aaren models you can customize them with your dog’s name.

customized HANNIKO bed

What are you waiting for? Celebrate the first HANNIKO fortnight by giving your dog a magnificent break with a 30% discount. Inspired prices for inspired dogs!


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